We believe that housing is a basic human right.

At Avalon, we help our community’s most vulnerable citizens find housing without preconditions. Then we provide them essential supports to help them stay in their homes. Permanently affordable housing. A community to belong to. Individual services grounded in compassion, dignity and a radical acceptance of all. With these supports, we can end homelessness in Washtenaw County.

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Community Impact

Avalon is Washtenaw County’s leading provider of Supportive Housing.







Cynthia's Story

When you support Avalon, you make it possible for people like Cynthia and her family to find housing, get the support they need and create a stable home.

Cynthia met her husband Robert on the streets. Both were unemployed and homeless.  They were desperate to change their situation.

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Our Community

November 6th, 2017

Getting Involved with Avalon Housing

People, especially student groups and companies, often ask me ‘”how can we volunteer for Avalon Housing?” This is a great time of year to think about getting involved, and there is no shortage of ways to do so. Before you consider volunteering, it’s important to begin by learning…

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By: Avalon Housing

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