We believe that housing is a basic human right.

At Avalon, we help our community’s most vulnerable citizens find housing without preconditions. Then we provide them essential supports to help them stay in their homes. Permanently affordable housing. A community to belong to. Individual services grounded in compassion, dignity and a radical acceptance of all. With these supports, we can end homelessness in Washtenaw County.

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Vacant City Lots: Community Engagement Sessions

Join the community discussion around redevelopment of the vacant lots at 350 South Fifth Ave (the former Y lot) and 415 Washington Street in Ann Arbor. 

From December 5-9, all people who live, work and/or spend significant time in Ann Arbor are invited to attend open-house style sessions. Weekend, day and evening options have been included to expand the opportunity for all to attend.

Those unable to attend a discussion can share feedback via the project website or email questions to Derek Delacourt at ddelacourt@a2gov.org. Other feedback opportunities will be developed in the near future.

These sessions will include multiple stations and participants are welcome to stay for as much or as little as they wish within the four-hour windows.

Learn more at community-engagement-annarbor.com

Full Schedule of Sessions and Locations

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November 1st, 2019

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

My name is Lauren Rainey, and I’m a senior at the University of Michigan studying Law, Justice, and Social Change. This year I have the immense honor of working with Avalon Housing as a student intern in partnership with the Edward Ginsberg Community Center and their Community Leadership…

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By: Avalon Housing