We believe that housing is a basic human right.

At Avalon, we help our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness find housing, without preconditions. Then we provide them essential supports to help them stay in their homes. Permanently affordable housing. A community to belong to. Individual services grounded in compassion and dignity. With these supports, we can end homelessness in Washtenaw County.

Avalon Housing is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit services provider, real estate developer and property manager. We own and manage 328 rental units in 27 properties in Washtenaw County.  We provide support services to our tenants and to individuals and families living in public housing and in units owned by private landlords.  In total we serve more than 800 people, including 200 children.

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Volunteer Gardeners and Pollinators!

We’re so grateful to all the community volunteers, including members of the Washtenaw County Bar Association, who’ve been cleaning up garden beds at Avalon properties and/or donating funds for plants!  Volunteers from The Wolfpack, a group of community leaders, have helped Avalon create landscaping plans with native plants at our Pauline and Arbordale properties.  Native plants attract birds, bees and beetles, who spread pollen. ​Pollinators are an important part of a healthy ecosystem. Without them, we wouldn’t have plants to prevent soil erosion, remove carbon from the air, ​and provide homes for wildlife.

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Our Community

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May 14th, 2021

A conversation with…Mindy Holmes, Avalon Residential Support Specialist

This month Johnnie B Tingle, Avalon Wellness Committee Member and Property Manager, talked to Mindy Holmes about working at Avalon. How long have you been working at Avalon Housing? About two and half years. Can you share what a normal work day looks like for you? I usually…

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By: Avalon Housing