Avalon and Packard Health Celebrate Health Clinic Opening

By: Avalon Housing

Called Packard Health at Miller Manor, the new clinic, located at 727 Miller Road, will enable Packard Health staff to provide comprehensive, integrated care to supportive housing residents who live at Miller Manor and elsewhere in the community.

Since October 2016, Packard Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, or FHQC, has partnered with Avalon Housing to provide primary health care to Avalon clients.  Through an on-the-ground, “backpack” approach to medicine, Dr. Ravi Vadlamudi, MD and Gina Dahlem, NP of Packard have provided medical care to 141 individuals in their homes or onsite at Miller Manor.  The outcomes have been significant. In addition to improvements in our clients’ health and quality of life, Avalon Housing has seen a major reduction in Avalon client utilization of hospital emergency rooms for medical care. An average of 77% of Avalon clients who have received home-based primary care from Packard utilized emergency rooms one year prior to their visit(s) with a Packard Health practitioner.  Of those people, 92% have had a reduced use or no use of emergency rooms after engaging with Packard.

Says Aubrey Patiño, Executive Director of Avalon, “The Avalon services team has been thrilled to work with Packard Health during the past year.  Dr. Ravi and Gina Dahlem have provided our clients the essential, often long-overdue medical care that they need, by literally meeting them where they are. Their skilled, compassionate care makes a positive difference in the lives of our clients.”


Packard Health, Avalon Housing