Avalon’s Community Building

Our team provides a wide range of programs to engage adults and children, including:


Community Resource Centers

Avalon operates five community centers that provide tenants access to computers, copiers, laundry, workshops, support groups, meals and celebrations.

Food pantries

We operate weekly food pantries, staffed by tenant volunteers, at three of our community centers.

Edible Avalon Community Garden program

Together with Avalon residents, Edible Avalon staff and volunteers plant and maintain gardens that beautify our neighborhoods and supply nourishing food.

VOCAL (Voices of Community Advocates and Leaders)

This program develops tenant leadership skills and gives voice to people with lived experience. The program consists of six working sessions that cover conflict resolution, meeting facilitation, cultural humility and storytelling.  VOCAL culminates in a tenant leadership position within Avalon or another organization.

Supported Employment Program

Avalon’s Supported Employment Program assists our tenants in securing employment both within our organization and externally, while providing on-the-job and other skill-based coaching and supports. Supported Employment helps people obtain competitive work in the community while providing supports to ensure their success in the workplace.  The philosophy of Supported Employment is that everyone has skills and abilities they bring to a job, and with the right supports, they will find an environment that highlights their strengths. As Avalon’s SE Coordinator says: “Supported Employment is a resource that allows people to let their natural abilities shine, because it gives them the confidence to move forward.”