Supportive Housing Outcomes

When people’s basic needs are met, including housing, food and healthcare, the following outcomes are possible:

  • Improved physical and behavioral health care
  • Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction
  • Education and employment goals are realized
  • Improved youth academic and social development
  • Enhanced community connections and support systems

Avalon’s Outcomes 

Avalon’s supportive housing retention rate – the rate of people still housed after one year – is 95%, well above the national average of 84%.  Avalon’s model is also cost-effective. At $11,300 per person/year, Avalon’s supportive housing is a more cost-effective alternative to our county jail (at $47,800 per person/year) or shelter (at $29,200 per person/year).  Our annual cost per person is also lower than the national average for supportive housing.