Storytelling at Avalon

By: Avalon Housing

Recently a friend asked me what I love most about my job at Avalon.  Without hesitation, I said:  “Storytelling. Getting to know the people in our community, and then sharing their stories.” Much of my time is focused on messaging.  Telling people what Avalon does, and why it matters.  Advocating for housing for all.  Finding resources to fund our work. One of the most interesting parts of my job, though, happens when I get out of the office.  Throughout the year I spend time talking to folks who live with us. As a result, I’m reminded that we have more in common with other people, from all walks of life, than we might think.

On a cold day last week, I met with our weekly “Legacy” group, adults over 55 who live at Avalon.  We ate pizza, talked about where we grew up, commiserated about the aging process and laughed. This is a group of people who don’t hesitate to offer a hug or words of comfort to others.  And no one takes anything – their home, their health, their neighbors, their friendships – for granted.  I’m grateful to be welcomed into this community.

In this busy holiday season, as you take care of the people who matter to you most, remember your neighbors who may need some extra help.  You can read more about Lonnie, or Patti.  Read here about ways to get involved with Avalon. You can also make an online donation to Avalon here.

Marcia Luke-van Dijk, Director of Communications and Fund Development