Volunteer Spotlight: Summer Program for Youth

By: Avalon Housing

I’m Lauren Rhodes, and I’m a junior who’s studying economics at the University of Michigan. This past summer I had the opportunity to volunteer at Avalon in their Summer Program for Youth (SPY). Every day looked a little different. We always tried our best to accommodate what each kid wanted to do! Some kids preferred playing outside, while others were happy with indoor activities. As much as I’m going to miss playing color tag and making friendship bracelets, I know that I’m going to miss learning about my young friends at Pauline Apartments the most. They are are extremely talented, creative, and smart. 

During my time volunteering, the Avalon SPY leaders coordinated some great events. In June, the leaders let each kid plant his/her own flower in a pot. Over the past couple months the kids watched their flowers grow and were responsible for taking care of them. It was really neat to witness their reactions as their flowers grew. One of my favorite days volunteering was when the Humane Society of Huron Valley came to Pauline and taught the kids how to behave around dogs. The kids enjoyed this presentation and loved having a chance to pet a dog from the Humane Society at the end. Overall, volunteering at Avalon was a fantastic experience and I look forward to participating in the after school program this fall!

Lauren Rhodes, Avalon SPY volunteer